Five Dougherty County schools looking to improve


Five Dougherty County Schools are on the turnaround eligible schools list. This list is calculated every year by Governor’s Office of Student Achievement .

Schools that make it on this last have had a three year average below 54% on the career ready performance index according to DCSS Superintendent Kenneth Dyer .

The five elementary schools are Alice Coachman, Robert Harvey, Morningside, Northside, and Turner. The only middle school to make the list was Southside.

DCSS said they are now in a school improvement structure.

They will have data analysis done and school support specialists will come in to identify the weaknesses at these schools.

The superintendent also says a key to improving these schools is support. One area of concern for the elementary schools is reading. Dyer says, teachers will be trained on how to better teach reading to students.

Dyer does not consider the schools on the list failing. He says, "Well the schools are not failing, they have some need for some turnaround and that's what we want to focus on. I don't want to call a school calling because they are achieving the mission just not to the level that they can."

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