First obstacle course test for Sylvester police recruits

Sylvester Police Department added an obstacle course test to recruitment process. / Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Sylvester Police Department added their first obstacle course test to the new recruit process, and it’s not for the weak.

Friday morning, 34 recruits pushed through this challenging test to see how physically fit they are for the job.

It starts with shuffling through cones, pulling a 130 pound dummy, crawling through a tunnel, and finishing by jumping over a fence.

Depending on the recruits’ age, they have 15 to 19 seconds to complete the course.

`According to Sylvester police, many people think people just hop in the car and do the job, but it’s more than that.

“It’s all about you being physically fit to do the job first,” Sylvester Police Chief Anson Evans said. “This allows me to measure how physically fit they are before going through the assessment testing on it.”

If recruits don’t pass the test, they have six months to go back and do it again.

You can visit to apply for the current openings.

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