Fire service causes tension between Worth County and Sumner

Sumner Mayor Don Long speaks to Worth County Commissioners. / Jessica Fairley

Sumner city officials are accusing Worth County commissioners of not holding up to their end of an intergovernmental agreement.

The mayor of Sumner approached commissioners Thursday night about the board's alleged failure to provide funds for fire firefighters.

Sumner Mayor Don Long produced an intergovernmental agreement that was signed back on September 10th, 2012 by a Worth County official. The document stated that Sumner officials would build a fire house and pay the $26,000 salary of one firefighter.

In the same document, Worth County commissioners agreed to provide a fire truck and pay the salary of several other firefighters.

Sumner officials say the fire house has been built and now they are waiting on Worth County commissioners to hold up to their end of the agreement.

In Thursday's board meeting commissioners stated that they don't remember drawing up the agreement or signing it.

The county secretary was then asked to produce the original written minutes from the meeting in which county commissioners passed a motion for the agreement.

After reviewing the minutes, the attorney for Worth County stated that although commissioners did vote in favor of providing fire service, they need more information about the details of the contract to know whether or not it is binding.

Don Long, the Mayor of Sumner, says he will continue to pursue this matter.

"The next thing from here is I'll be looking over the tapes and I will be getting with the city attorney and we will go from there," said Don Long, Sumner Mayor.

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