Freezing rain possible in South Georgia, how to prepare

EMA Specialist Jenna Wirtz says preparation is key before severe weather strikes.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Forecasters predict light rain may mix with light freezing rain Thursday night through early Friday morning.

FOX 31 spoke with local experts about how you and your family can stay safe during winter weather.

Meteorologists now say that winter weather looks to impact Georgia, with freezing rain possible in parts of South Georgia this weekend.

Dougherty County Emergency Management Specialist Jenna Wirtz says right now is a good time to plan for weather conditions.

“All those things we tell you to do during severe weather, it’s the very same thing with winter weather, it’s just a little bit colder," said Wirtz.

Wirtz recommends purchasing a NOAA weather radio along with essentials like food and water before Thursday.

“If people haven’t put their emergency kits together for their homes, now is a really great time to do that. Make sure you have food and water, flashlights, batteries," said Wirtz.

Wirtz says planning ahead is the best way to keep your family safe during unpredictable weather.

“There’s really not a reason for people to get concerned, just plan ahead. If your not sure whether or not you’ll be able to get to the store on Thursday, go before then," said Wirtz.

With the threat of freezing conditions, Georgia State Patrol Sgt. First Class John Vanlandingham says it is important to plan ahead before severe weather strikes.

Vanlandingham says right now is a good time to check on your windshield wipers and breaks to make sure they function correctly.

“Slick roads or icing on the roadways, immediately just pounding on your breaks is not going to do any good and it’s probably going to set you in a hydroplane or cause you to slide on the black ice," said Vanlandingham.

Vanlandingham adds that it will be a good idea to give yourself more time for travel Friday morning.

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