Father pulls children out of school to prevent "bullying"

An issue with bullying has led an Albany father to take three of his children out of the Dougherty County School System.

Thomas Wade says he decided to take his three children out of Albany High School due to the problems he began to hear about from his daughter.

His daughter, now a former student, explained that one of her best friends was experiencing bullying and she didn't want it to happen to her. She says she saw bullying happen often at her school and that it seemed ignored. She adds there were several incidents where she felt the teachers didn't care about her well-being and what she had to say.

She further explains she had to switch out of a class so she can concentrate on her school work. She added whenever there was a problem for her to contact supervisors, her side of the story wasn't heard. Additionally, she says she experienced one incident where she was told to get off the phone with her father and that her brothers couldn't wait for her after school, which was a normal ritual.

Wade said it took three months and three hours total for someone to acknowledge the problems his daughter said she was facing and by then, it was too late. Wade said, "I just wanted her out."

R.D. Harter from the Dougherty County School Systems says there are policies in place to handle situations like these. Some of them include policies that most parents don't know about, like the cameras placed in schools to be able to identify students in personal and troubling situations.

Harter says giving the system a chance to work by talking with the principal is essential. He continues to say once the aggressor is found and punished, legally they can't inform anyone other than family; which he says, may make it seem like the school system isn't doing anything when they have already handled the situation.

Lastly, he adds the term "bullying" is often being misused and usually involves battery and assault. He says that children and adults should fully understand that it's not a trending term and that there are serious allocations behind it.

Wade has decided to home school his children.

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