Farm-to-table concept celebrated at one local middle school

Sixth grade students at Lee County Middle School East enjoyed a fresh breakfast Thursday morning.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Sixth graders at Lee County Middle School East enjoyed a farm-to-table style breakfast Thursday morning.

LCMS East has spent the semester teaching students how to grow and produce their own food.

On Thursday, 100 sixth graders gathered in the cafeteria to enjoy some fresh eggs along with donated sausage and milk.

The school's STEM Agriculture class applied for a Living to Serve Grant which provided them with a chicken coop. One local resident supplied the class with eight chickens and eight hens.

Students were able to actively participate by feeding and water chickens while also collecting eggs out of the coop.

Agriculture teacher Josh Drew is proud that his students now know where food comes from.

“Just to get these kids you know involved in it and you know if they do stay involved in it that’s great but if they don’t, atleast they know where food comes from, how it’s made. It don’t just show up on grocery store shelves, it actually, somebody has got to grow it, produce it to get it there,” said Drew.

Next month, 100 seventh grade students will be selected to take part in the next farm-to-table style meal.

Drew's goal is to make sure every middle schooler has a chance to participate in one farm-to-table project by the end of the school year.

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