Families of fallen Americus officers receive special tags

The families of Jody Smith and Nick Smarr were honored with special badge tags./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni 

Two families of fallen officers in Americus are driving around town with a special tag to remember their sons.

Officers Jody Smith and Nick Smarr were killed in the line of duty last December.

On Wednesday, the two families were honored with badge tags that have their son’s initials and badge numbers on them.

The two families fought back tears while receiving a one of a kind tag from Senator Kirk.

Aaron Cosby was the person behind the operation since there wasn’t a tag that shows support for officers in Georgia.

The bill was passed for people to get these tags starting in September, and the Smar and Smith family were one of the first to get it.

The mothers said they are grateful for the love and support the community has showed them since day one.

“He’s my only son," Sharon Johnson, Jody Smith’s mother, said. “He’s my baby and he always will be. It was special.”

“That’s very personal for them to do us a tag like that because we don’t know how we gone get through one day to next without our boys,” Janice Smarr, Nick Smarr’s mother said.

Anyone can get a tag that supports law enforcement by going to their local tag office.

The fees that come with the tag being made will be given back to law enforcement through the Peace Officers Annuity and Benefit Fund.

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