Facebook group boycotting gas on Sunday

With gas prices climbing near $4 per gallon, a Facebook group plans to not buy gas for one day / Sarah Bleau

Fed up with gas prices closing in on $4 per gallon, hundreds on a recent Facebook group "No Gas Sunday" are boycotting buying fuel on April 1.

"My mom and I were actually talking about one day everyone just stay home, no one go to work or anywhere and that would make them lower the gas prices!" says Erin Worrell on the Facebook page.

Leagh Bailey responded, "That was exactly my idea. They would have no choice. The money they would lose in one day would impact hard enough to make them worry."

Aaron Johnson, Economics professor at Darton College, says the message that voters are angry about the gas prices would get across to legislators and congressmen, but he says it would take a larger-scale protest to make an economic impact.

"Let's say you have a boycott at the gas station on Sunday. What are most people going to do? They're going to gas up on Saturday or they're going to gas up on Monday," says Johnson.

Some commenters on the "No Gas Sunday" group agree.

"It doesn't work if it's just one day. Cause the next day or a few days later all the people who didn't get gas will fill up. For something like this to work, it needs to last for a week or more at least," says Matt Crane.

Another poster, Alex Langley wrote, "I think over all it is a good concept but not sure that it will make that much of an impact, no matter the amount of members."

Johnson says a lot of people may be able to make a difference.

"It would have to be something that would go on for a month or two, and it would have to be not just people in Albany, it would have to be a movement throughout the state of Georgia or regionally or across the country," says Johnson.

Johnson says a combination of a strengthening economy and high crude oil prices are factors to the increasing gas prices.

What do you think about gas prices and what do you think it will take to lower them?

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