Extra tax on prepaid cell phones to help maintain 911 center

There is already a tax on your phone bill that goes to the maintenance of the 911 call center / Ashley Knight

911 call centers are maintained by charges and fees on your phone bill, whether you have a cell phone or a landline.

However, more people are buying pre-paid cell phones that don't include that charge.

The Georgia House has passed a bill allowing for municipalities to start charging a 75 cent fee for those pre-paid cell phones so the 911 call center won't lose that revenue.

The money collected will go into a general fund at the state level and be distributed to the centers based on population.

"And more were buying the prepaid, there was nothing being collected to help support your 911 call center. They got the service of a 911 center without helping to pay for it. This way, all phones are paid for," says EMA Deputy Director, Jim Vaught.

If passed by the city and county, the 911 center could start seeing as much as $195,000 a year in additional revenue.

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