Experts encourage safe ATV riding this summer

Experts encourage safety ATV riding this summer./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Kids are out of school for the summer, and riding an ATV is a popular outdoor activity in South Georgia.

Atlas ATV Owner Raymond Sabino said to make sure there's only one rider.

Sabino said you should only ride them off the road.

You should wear boots or closed-toe shoes. Long sleeves and pants are also recommended.

According to Sabino, you should always wear a helmet, and make sure it says “DOT” on the back of it.

"That means that it's a Department of Transportation approved helmet,” Sabino said. “It won't break. You don't want to be riding with a bicycle helmet because if they hit the ground with their head at high speed, it's not going to hold up."

There are different ATVs for different ages.

You should also stay outside to watch your kids to ensure that they won’t do anything harmful.

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