Experts encourage crop scouting for insects

    Experts encourage crop scouting for insects./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

    You don't typically think about scouting crops for insects, but if farmers don't do it, the consequences could be big.

    Experts should go out in the field and find insect problems with their crops in the early stages.

    Will Gay, University of Georgia Turner County Extension agent, said right now is the best time to start scouting because cotton and peanuts are blooming.

    They are looking for insects like white flies, stink bugs, and worms.

    If farmers don't scout, they are blindly spraying and killing whatever is on the crops.

    Gay said that's dangerous because farmers could harm insects that aren't a problem.

    "We need to scout our crops because it's the best way to conserve resources and money,” Gay said. “It's not good to go across with an insecticide and you don't know what is there."

    Gay adds the best thing for pest management is thresholds and scouting.

    If you need help, you can call your local extension office. They'll help with determining your threshold, what you need to spray for and scouting techniques.

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