Exercise trackers help keep a healthy heart

Exercise trackers help keep a healthy heart./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Trainers say exercise trackers are a great way to keep you in shape and keep a healthy heart.

Personal Trainer Crystal Lund says using a Fit Bit, Apple Watch or another exercise tracker is a great new trend. It keeps you motivated since you know how many steps you're taking, keep track of your sleep habits, how many calories are being burned and more.

Lund says it can also track your heart rate and help you realize their might be a problem you need to address before it becomes serious.

“It shows that what your resting metabolism heart rate it is,” Lund said. “If you pay attention to that, you'll know when it's raised. So when you sit there studying and it raised by 20, you know that something is wrong."

Exercise trackers can be bought almost anywhere electronics are sold, and many are reasonably priced.

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