EMA recommends making severe weather plan

Dougherty County EMA recommends making a severe weather plan. / FILE

As of Friday afternoon, it looked like Nate will make landfall west of Southwest Georgia. But the Dougherty County Emergency Management Agency said now is still a good time to know what you need to do in any severe weather event.

That includes stocking up on your emergency kits with items like flashlights, batteries and enough food and water to last for several days.

Make sure your family knows how to shelter in place in an interior room of your home.

Jenna Wirtz, Dougherty County EMA emergency management specialist, said if you don't need to be outside Sunday and Monday, then try to stay inside.

She added to take care of anything you have outside that could fly away or become a hazard.

"Make sure you secure all of your lawn furniture, anything that goes on your patio, anything in your backyard that's not bolted down or cemented into the ground. Make sure that you've secured it or moved it inside," she said.

Wirtz said they don't anticipate any flooding because of Dougherty County's recently dry conditions, but she added that if there is any water on the road, then remember to "turn around, don't drown."

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