EMA encourages swimming safety during stormy weekend

EMA encourages swimming safety during stormy weekend./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Even though school is out for the summer and it's Memorial Day weekend, experts say you and your family should be careful if you're trying to go swimming.

If you are in or near the pool, and you hear thunder, experts say you need to get out of the water immediately.

Emergency Management Specialist Jenna Chang says you need to find shelter until 30 minutes after the last time you heard thunder.

Chang says storms that are being pushed through by larger storm systems are more intense.

Chang adds lightening strikes don't need thunder to happen, and it doesn't need to be raining for thunder or lightening to occur.

"There are so many burn and shock risks involved with lightning strikes, so people need to err on the side with caution and protect themselves and their families,” she said. “Don't even chance it if you see that there's a thunderstorm beginning."

Chang says you should be careful on waterways because the rivers may be higher and water can be moving more rapidly because of the storms.

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