Eight-year-old girl loses cat while evacuating Hurricane Irma

This is Taylen with Jay-Z, her three-year-old fluffy cat.Photo courtesy of Trish Cosgrave

Taylen and Trish Cosgrave need your help finding Jay-Z, their three year old cat they lost while fleeing from Hurricane Irma last month.

Trish and her eight-year-old daughter, Taylen were evacuating from Fort Meyers, Florida when they developed a flat tire driving through Dawson, GA.

The mom - daughter duo stopped at the BP / Circle K in Terrell County.

As young Taylen held her cat after a long ten hour drive, something scared the cat, causing her to jump from Taylen's arms and into the woods.

The Terrell County community has been conducting massive searches without any luck.

Terrell County Animal Control Director Martha Ann Coe feels for the family and is doing everything she can to find Jay-Z.

"Taylen is eight years old, she's had this cat for three years and they share everything together. He shares tea parties, he rides with her, sleeps with her at night, Taylen takes this cat everywhere she can. The little girl is crying herself to sleep every night."

Jay-Z has a distinct mark on the inside back of his left leg that resembles a boot. He does not meow but he will come to you if he hears his name.

"They were in the middle of evacuating their home at risk of loosing everything during Hurricane Irma. The mom is a single mom and her poor daughter. Please help this family find their cat."

If you find Jay-Z, please call animal control at (229)-995-4410 or the Police Department at (229) 995-4414.

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