DPH works to fight spread of STDs

DPH works to fight spread of STDs. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

The Department of Public Health is recognizing STD Awareness Month.

In recognition of the month, DPH wants to fight the spread of STDs.

According to epidemiologist Jaqueline Jenkins, STD rates are increasing in southwest Georgia.

She says in 2017, Dougherty County's STD rates were the highest they've been in the last decade.

The most common STDs in southwest Georgia are chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Last year, there were over 1,000 cases of chlamydia and 300 cases of gonorrhea in Dougherty County.

In the Southwest Georgia Health District, there were over 2500 cases of chlamydia and over 600 cases of gonorrhea according to DPH.

Jenkins says, "Get screened that way you can get screened that way you can get proper treatment, you can get proper education. You get tested or screened at any of our health departments or you can get tested with your health care provider."

The department will also be giving out free condoms in an effort to stop the spread of STDs.

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