Dozens of people line Walnut Ave to say their final goodbyes to Chief Moore Wednesday

Many people lined Walnut Ave Wednesday afternoon to say their final goodbyes to Police Chief Charles Moore.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

On Wednesday, dozens of people lined Walnut Ave in Leesburg to say one last goodbye to their long-time Police Chief Charles Ray Moore.

FOX 31 spoke with some members of the community who say Moore's legacy will live on forever and he will never be forgotten.

On a dreary afternoon, dozens of people lined the streets of Leesburg and Lee County to bid farewell to the chief.

"He was my best friend and he saw my kids growing up, we're going to miss him," said Patel.

Lee County resident Sunny Patel says he has known the chief for years and would see him almost every day.

The EZ Mart store owner says the last time he saw Chief Moore was Sunday before last.

"Last time he cut grass it was that Saturday and Sunday, he came in and we had coffee together, Hardies together at the store, that's the last time I saw him," said Patel.

The due would drink a cup of coffee together every morning at 6 a.m. sharp.

Last Monday, when Chief Moore didn't show up to the store, Patel knew something must be wrong.

Almost a week later, he got the dreaded text no one wanted to hear.

"I heard he had passed away and you know I was kind of like, tears were coming out of my eyes, I told my son and my daughter and they said we want to go see him," said Patel.

On Wednesday, surrounded by customers, friends and family, Patel said one last farewell to his best friend.

Tom Gieryic of Gieryic's Automotive also lined Walnut Ave to show his condolences.

He says Chief Moore was a trooper who would always fight through any diagnosis he was given.

"The one thing that sticks out to me about Chief Moore is the fact that he went into work every single day and you know he was sick. He had days where he would just felt terrible," said Gieryic.

He adds, Chief Moore's absence will be felt by the entire community.

"He's been their chief for quite a while and that means a lot, he's been doing something right for a long long time. Anytime you have a man of that stature, it's going to be hard to replace them," said Gieryic.

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