Dougherty County S.O. warns about fraudulent calls from inmates

Dougherty County S.O. warns about fraudulent calls from jail inmates./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Dougherty County Sheriff's Office is warning people about calls from inmates pretending to be from the sheriff's office to get your money.

On Tuesday, a report was made about a woman paying $2,000 through cash cards out of fear of being sent to jail because she was told a warrant was out for her arrest.

The sheriff's office says this was not true, and they believe these calls are being made from inside the jail.

There have been dozens of cases recently. Investigators believe that inmates know the court schedules, system, and names of officials to get people to believe what they’re saying.

Investigators say many inmates have illegal phones in jail and are using them to call and say people have a warrant out for someone's arrest to get them to pay.

"We are not going to tell you that you have a warrant,” Captain Craig Dodd, chief investigator, said. “We're going to come and get you. We're not going to call you and tell you that you need to give us any form of money over the telephone. That doesn't happen."

The court system doesn't make phone calls either. They will send you an official letter in the mail.

The jail is doing what they can to search and find contraband phones.

You can always call your local sheriff's office if you have any questions.

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