Dougherty County SO warns about summer home break-ins

Dougherty County SO warns about summer home break-ins./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

According to officers, crimes rates typically go up during the summer months including the number of home burglaries.

Sheriff Kevin Sproul says to avoid posting on social media because that lets people know you're not home.

You should also ask a friend or neighbor to get your mail and check on the house.

You can also call your local sheriff's office to help keep an eye out.

"Let us know where you live,” Sheriff Sproul said. “Let us know how many automobiles will be in the yard, what lights will be on, when you’re coming back or returning. We'll help watch that property while you're gone."

Sheriff Sproul adds you should always keep your blinds closed so people can't see what you have inside your house.

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