Dougherty County sees low voter turn out

Voter turnout low in Dougherty County. / Photo: Danielle

Election day 2017 had a low turn out in Dougherty County.

Out of the 6,000 registered voters in ward two, less than 1,000 voters hit the polls.

That’s according to the county’s Board of Elections.

Election Supervisor Ginger Nickerson said they wished to have seen more people go out and vote.

It is unclear to the Board of Elections why the turnout was so poor.

The ward two commissioner race isn’t over.

There will be run off an election between Incumbent Bobby Coleman and Matt Fuller.

And there is still a chance to vote if you didn’t on Tuesday.

Nickerson said, “We look forward to have registered voters come out on December 5. The individuals that voted and those that didn’t vote but want to vote, please come out."

There will be early voting for the December 5th runoff. The dates for early voting are to be determined.

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