Dougherty County officials search for missing toddler

Dougherty County officials are continuing their search Tuesday for a child missing from the Piney Wood Estates.

According to the mother, Adijah Rainey, 2-year-old Detrez Green slipped away from her right as the storm hit, and was last seen walking through the kitchen area towards the back door of the mobile home in the 3500 block of Sylvester Road.

Rainey states she did not see the child leaving the home or being swept away.

Authorities say that the kitchen area was completely destroyed due to a large oak tree falling through it.

Teams are searching the entire home including under the tree that fell through the home.

“We are making really good efforts," said Lan Skalla, Dougherty County Search and Rescue Team Member. "We ran some time grid searches this morning. My understanding is that GSAR getting ready to start taking debris fields apart. We’re going to cut them up, pull them apart piece by piece to make sure we get a thorough search of this area.”

Due to the dense brush to the east of the property, teams have resulted to cut paths into the debris field to clear a way for cadaver and live search dogs into these areas. The cadaver dogs and live search dogs have been through the mobile home, fields, and the paths with negative results at this time.

The family describe Detrez as being an outgoing child and had no problems approaching new faces.

“He was friendly," said Kashuada Griffin, Detrez's aunt. "He would walk up to you and hold on to you.”

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