Dogs euthanized against court order

Two dogs taken from Carey Culbert's home. / Courtesy Carey Culbert

It's been an ongoing battle for a man who had his dogs seized from his home. Carey Culbert was back in court again Wednesday.

For Culbert, it's been one court appearance after another. One day he wasn't able receive the remaining dogs that hadn't been euthanized, then the court made an order to release them, but nothing happened.

Now the truth is coming out as to why.

"We found out for the first time that all of the dogs had been destroyed. We had previously been operating under the assumption that at least ten of them were still alive," says Chevene King, Carey Culbert's Lawyer.

This belief kept Culbert going, knowing that he would once again see the animals but now his hopes are shattered.

Two dogs were euthanized on March 13th, eight were killed on April 13th and the remaining animals, which Carey's lawyer says were all puppies, went on May 1st. That was more than a week after a judge had ordered a stay on disposing the animals.

"The humane society had no knowledge of that order and the director of the Humane Society called several people involved with the case before the balance of the animals were euthanized," says Michael Hall, the lawyer for the Humane Society.

Mr. Hall says he wasn't present in court when the order of stay was made. District Attorney Greg Edwards was acting on the state's behalf during that meeting.

In Wednesday's court hearing, Judge Willie Lockett wanted to know who was responsible for the dog deaths and why they didn't they follow his orders.

"We think that the evidence will bear out the fact that they were advised before they destroyed all of the dogs," says Chevene King.

Mr. King says the Humane Society was informed of the order of stay by County Attorney Spencer Lee, who wasn't able to attend Wednesday's hearing.

Judge Willie Lockett postponed the case until he's able to question Mr. Lee about the matter.

Culbert says he's heartbroken that his dogs and puppies are now dead.

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