DIY Valentine's Day gift

How to make a DIY Valentine's Day gift. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Derrell Humphries,owner of Flowers by Derrell, knows better than anyone.

"Flowers say things words can't."

And what better way to say 'Happy Valentine's Day'than with a bouquet of flowers, that you designed yourself.

First you'll need a vase.

Humphries says,"Make a grid on top of the vase, this will secure them as you're making it."

Then add greenery as a base.

"We have aucuba, camellia, magnolia and cast iron." He likes to start out with evergreens because they are healthy and last a long time.

Once your greenery is set, you can start adding your flowers to the vase.

Humphries says, once you're done placing your bigger flowers, you can fill out your centerpiece with smaller flowers.

For the final step, he sprays the flowers with a solution called Crowning Glory.

"You spray it on there and it makes your flowers last a whole lot longer,"says the florist.

Derrell says designing a gift for your valentine can be gratifying.

"It's the day of love and you're thinking about your special one and I think once they receive that, that let's them know that they've been thought about."

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