Deadline set for GED test-takers

GED deadline set for test-takers. / Jessica Fairley

Those Moultrie Tech students who've already taken the GED test but haven't passed all five parts are now under deadline to finish.

The current version of the GED test is set to expire at the end of 2013 and those who haven't completed all sections will have to start over if they don't pass by January 2014.

Moultrie Tech educators are encouraging test takers to finish and pass all portions of the test before the expiration date.

"If they don't feel prepared to complete the test, they'll have more than a year to come to Moultrie Tech to take the free test preparation classes through our Adult Education Department, which we have in Moultrie, Tifton, Ashburn and Sylvester," says Jana Wiggins, Moultrie Tech Director of Marketing.

The content of the new test will be different and the test will also be computer generated.

Moultrie Tech educators say this change will take place across the nation.

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