DCSS working on new technology to report bullying

DCSS is working on a new software to allow students and parents to report incidents of bullying.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

The Dougherty County School System is currently in the process of creating a new software that will allow children and adults to report bullying.

Whether its bullying, crime or any other sort of problem, parents will soon be able to voice their concerns directly to administrators through the use of new technology.

DCSS Public Information Officer JD Sumner says the new program is in its very beginning stages.

Right now the school system is researching various mobile apps and websites.

Sumner says something like an app could be beneficial because you could easily access it on your mobile phone. He says the new system will include multiple platforms so you can access it in various ways.

According to Sumner, the school system wants to do everything they can to make sure students and parents can voice their concerns to administrators so a thorough investigation can be done.

"Whether its social media, a website or face to face contact, students are encouraged and parents are encouraged to report incidents where they feel like there may have been inappropriate behavior or a threat to the school or a threat to their students so that we can thoroughly investigate those," said Sumner.

Sumner currently advises parents and students to bring issues directly to a teacher or an administrator's attention.

The school system hopes to have the new technology up and running by that start of next school year.

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