DCSS police to stop ASU background checks

Dougherty County Board of Education. / Jessica Fairley

The Dougherty County School System will no longer conduct background checks for Albany State University students entering the school system as interns.

The Dougherty County Board of Education approved the measure during Monday's meeting.

"We have a lot of student teachers from Albany State and they have to have background checks and they think that it would work smoother if their own police department went on and did this background checks," said DCSS Attorney, Tommie Coleman.

Once student background checks are completed by Albany State University investigators the information will then be turned over to the Dougherty County School System.

"We are now doing the background checks with our police department and it would certainly free them up to do other things and be efficient for us if Albany State would do their own background checks," said Tommie Coleman.

Also in the meeting board members went over future plans for a piece of property located next to Live Oak Elementary.

"We're going to surplus that property over the next couple months, get it appraised and then put it on our website as a surplus property," said Robert Fowler, DCSS Asst. Facilities Director.

This will be done after a road owned by the school board is turned over to the city.

"Our plan is to take that cul-de-sac and turn it over to the county if they will accept it," said Fowler, "We paved it to their standards and have intended to turn it over to them.

Officials with the school board say maintaining streets and roads should not be the duty of the school system since their main priority is education.

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