DCSS approves horror film production at Albany High

DCSS Film.jpg

The Dougherty County School System gave the green light for a film company to produce a horror film at Albany High School.

At Monday’s meeting, the board made minor changes to the contract, but ultimately approved for Londonderry, LCC to make their movie in town.

The minor changes made to the contract was to ensure the board isn't responsible for anyone being injured, and making sure parents give their kids permission if they're a minor and want to be in the film.

Overall, this movie production in town will benefit the community not only because of the economic impact it'll have but for the students as well.

"Our students, more importantly will have opportunities to work on the production and get real world applied learning,” DCSS Spokesperson J.D. Sumner said. “We have a film and TV component at the College and Career Academy, as well as a multimedia component and Dougherty High School."

The current movie title is The Exorcism of Lincoln High.

The company should be coming to down mid-January to get their set ready. Filming will begin in February.

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