DCSS annual parent meeting focuses on improvement, engagement

Dougherty County School System has their Annual Title 1 Parent and Community Engagement Meeting. / Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Each school in the Dougherty County School System was studied to understand what the needs are for the school, and an improvement plan was made to fix those areas.

At Wednesday’s Title 1 Annual Parent and Community Engagement Meeting, people were able to understand how the school was improving to better educate their kids.

During the needs assessment phase, researchers found out there are two main areas that need improvement. Those areas are effective communication internally and externally and an effective system for giving instructions.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to ask their child’s school what their improvement plan is.

“When they parent knows what the plan is, they are becoming more engaged, and it can also help provide that accountability piece,” School Improvement Specialist Barbara Heusel said. “Are we beginning to meet some of those goals from a parent’s perspective? Because that perception piece is also important to have.”

The involvement plan is already being put into action, and it will apply for the rest of the school year.

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