Cruising in the left lane? GSP says it can cost you

    GSP says that cruising in the left lane can cost you a fine and points on your license//Photo: Kailey McCarthy

    Georgia State Patrol is urging drivers to be safe on the roads at all times.

    GSP Corporal Andrew McKenzie says a driver should never be cruising in the left lane.

    McKenzie says the left lane should be used only to pass other drivers that are driving slower than you are.

    If you're driving in the left lane, McKenzie says you must be going the speed limit.

    If you get pulled over for driving in the left lane, it can cost you not only a citation, but also points on your license.

    McKenzie adds that drivers need to keep in mind that they aren't the only ones using the highway.

    "There are many vehicles on the highway, we need to drive defensive, and as we're talking here about multiple lane highways, we need to stay to the right," McKenzie said. "Stay to the right lane, travel in that lane."

    If you do choose to drive slow in the left lane, you can cause accidents, impede traffic and slow down emergency vehicles.

    Corporal McKenzie says that safety is key when getting from point A to point B.

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