Crisp County working to build a positive relationship between children and law enforcement

The Crisp County Sheriff's Department is building a positive relationship between officers and children.Photo: Kailey McCarthy

The Crisp County Sheriff's Office is working hard to end the misconception between children and police officers.

According to Public Information Officer Haley Little, there have been occasions where parents threaten their children by using the police.

"A lot of times if parents see an officer on the street and their child is misbehaving, it's utilized as if you don't behave or listen to what I say, they are going to lock you up and that's just not the case," said Little.

Haley Little posted to Facebook on Tuesday saying: "Parents please stop telling your children that we will haul them off to jail if they are bad. We want them to run to us when they are scared, not be scared of us."

Every school in Crisp County has a Resource Officer that is there to serve students and keep them safe.

Deputy Scott Hawkins enjoys interacting with students everyday.

"I spend most of my day in the hallways interacting with all 1,200 plus students. I get a lot of high fives and hugs. Just trying to reinforce to them that we are their friend and we are here to help them."

Sheriff Billy Hancock wants students to know that officers are in the community to serve them and keep them safe.

"I want that child to realize that you give me the thumbs up and everything is o.k.. You give me the thumbs down and someone is going to stop you and try to take care of you," said Hancock.

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