Crisp County Sheriff's Office goes 'behind the badge'

You can start to find employee bios at the Crisp County Sheriff's Office website.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Earlier this month, the Crisp County Sheriff's Office began a new "Behind the Badge" initiative geared towards giving the public more information about the officers who make up the department.

Over the course of the year, different officers will be showcased on the Crisp County Sheriff's Office website to get to know the different employees.

Public Information Officer Haley Little says she started the campaign to give residents a look at officer's lives when they aren't working.

She says it's all about creating a relationship between the sheriff's office and the residents of Crisp County.

"They put on a uniform every morning and they put their life on the line a lot of times. But, they have families, they have moms, dads and they have activities just like every other citizen. They have problems just like every other citizen does," said Little.

According to Little, the plan is to cover all of the divisions included at the Crisp County Sheriff' Office.

You can start to see the employee's bios at the Crisp County Sheriff's Office facebook page and website.

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