Crisp Co. firefighters help kids, one book at a time

Crisp Co. firefighters help kids, one book at a time. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Twice a week, Crisp County Primary School first graders explore the world outside the classroom through books.

Kinney Coleman, the principal of the school, says, "Our firemen are here reading to kids helping them learn how to read."

The Crisp County Fire Department started reading to the kids individually, about a month ago.

But for some of the kids, it's more than just story time.

Fire Chief Jonathan Windham says, "My wife pointed out that there were several kids that needed some extra help with reading so we started coming every Tuesday and Thursday."

His wife is a first grade teacher at the school.

Coleman says having the firefighters read to the kids puts the cool in school, "When they see it's important to the fireman, which a lot of them look up to, they're their heroes, then it (reading) becomes important to them."

Since the fire department started going to the school, some have seen changes.

Chief Windham says, "The teachers have noticed a dramatic change in their reading skills."

Windham continues, the firemen get to see the progression from week to week, as well.

Coleman says the visits from the fire department have been so meaningful he hopes they keep coming back. He says, "They're helping our kids. They're supporting what the teachers are doing in the classroom to become stronger readers."

As for the firefighters, "We've enjoyed the interaction with the kids they're great and they look forward to it and we look forward to it. it's a lot of fun," says Windham.

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