Officers cracking down on distracted driving

The Georgia State Patrol is cracking down on distracted drivingPhoto: Kailey McCarthy

The Georgia State Patrol has been cracking down on cases of distracted driving, making it a top priority.

According to the 2015 statistics, there has been an uptick in fatalities involving teenagers texting while driving and not paying attention to the road.

Trooper John Vanlandingham with the Georgia State Patrol encourages drivers to pull over if they must look at their phone while in the car.

Vanlandingham warns drivers the Georgia State Patrol will be monitoring the roads heavily looking for distracted drivers.

The Georgia State Patrol's goal is to prevent and eliminate all fatalities on the highway in the state. GSP's number one priority is impaired driving with distracted driving being a close second.

Vanlandingham warns Georgia drivers that the state patrol will be monitoring the roads heavily looking for distracted drivers.

'Our troopers are out here aggressively looking for people that they see with phones in their hands, not paying attention while they are driving. We are stopping these people. We prefer to make it an educational event and give them a warning first but if we need to we will make a charge."

According to Vanlandingham, overall distracted driving statistics are going down within the state of Georgia.

Teenagers have a slower reaction time being young drivers. When you add texting while at the wheel, it can be a deadly combination.

"We don't want these teenagers hurt. We don't want them killed and we definitely don't want to have the nightmare of having to notify their mother or father about their child being in a deadly wreck. We don't want them hurting themselves or someone else in the process."

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