DCSS approves consulting firm

DCSS says the new firm should help align the school system with new styles of teaching.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

On Monday, Dougherty County School leaders voted to spend half a million dollars on a consultant firm known as Educational Epiphany.

The firm has been tasked with creating a coherent instructional system across the Dougherty County School System.

According to Spokesperson for the Dougherty County School System JD Sumner, the consulting firm will conduct 114 site visits over the next several months, helping to provide teachers in each of their individual classrooms.

Sumner adds, every single teacher will get six individual visits with the firm which equals out to about $450 dollars per teacher.

According to Sumner, this new firm should create consistency across the board.

"There are some kids who struggle who live in families who struggle to provide food, to put food on the table literally, who struggle to keep the lights on. So those students deserve to have a quality education as well. And so trying to provide that quality education across to every student regardless of their situation or where they find themselves in life, that's our struggle," said Sumner.

The training funds are in the school system budget and the contract with Educational Epiphany will continue on until the end of summer.

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