Counterfeit bills on the rise in Dougherty County

District Attorney Greg Edwards says that there are more counterfeit bills and checks circulating around Dougherty County.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

According to city leaders, there has been a rise in counterfeit bills and fictitious checks right here in Dougherty County.

District Attorney Greg Edwards says that more counterfeit bills ranging from $100 dollars to $10 dollars are popping up around the Good Life City and surrounding areas.

He adds that fictitious checks seem to be a problem as well.

According to Edwards, the counterfeit check manufacturers often come from outside the county and then reel in Albany residents to circulate the false money around.

Just this week, the Grand Jury of Dougherty County indicted two people for counterfeit bills.

"I suggest people don't be used because what happens is that the people that make the fake money or make the fake checks, they get the lion's share of the money and you are here stuck with getting charged and you know, we are going to fully prosecute you when we catch you," said Edwards.

It is a felony to pass around counterfeit money which can carry up to ten years in prison.

Depending on the amount of money, you can get up to ten years in prison for each fictitious check as well.

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