Cordele sees an increase in assault cases

Cordele sees an increase in assault cases./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

The Cordele Police Department states that from January to June in 2017 in comparison to January to June in 2018, the assault rate has gone up.

Lt. Andrew Roufs said they see an increase in assaults around the summer time. Lt. Roufs said the department can't pinpoint why the assault rate went up this year.

He adds there has also been an increase in car break-ins specifically this summer as well.

"In the areas that we get hit, we tend to increase in patrol in areas,” he said. “The thing with entering autos is that they're very sporadic. It's hard to predict where and when they're going to hit next. Unfortunately, there has to be several for us to find a pattern. Unfortunately, it has to keep happening for us to figure out where it's going to happen next."

Lt. Roufs said crime does increase during summer months, but the other crimes, as a whole, are lower this year than it was last year.

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