Community remembers drowning victim

Community remembers drowning victim. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

The body of missing kayaker Mark Lund was recovered by Georgia State Patrol Aviation around 8:45 on Monday morning.

They located Lund about 100 yards away from where the initial search began.

Crystal Lund is trying to piece together what's next. Crystal has been with her husband Mark for 20 years.

On Saturday afternoon, the couple was kayaking on Lake Blackshear.

Crystal says, "It was a nice day at first until the storm came."

She says the water got violent and their kayaks aren't cut out for that type of water.

She adds, "He flags down a boat and the boat comes and soon as he trying to get on the boat he flips and he panics."

She says they were exhausted from trying to tread water.

Crystal says, "It was an accident. It was a complete accident we were both in the water. If it wasn't for the people that saved me I would've been with him. It's like losing your best friend and your husband all at the same time. We did everything together."

The pair even ran a business together as they owned Lund Training and were personal trainers and nutritionists out of Tony's Gym.

One of Mark's employees, Chris Gavelek, says he is still in shock.

Gavelek says, "He was a people person, he did what he did for a living because he enjoyed helping people and he was a role model to me."

Gavelek also said many of Mark's clients were like friends of his so it's been a tough pill to swallow for them as well.

Tony Powell, the owner of Tony's Gym, said Mark had been going to that gym since he was 17.

Powell says, "He really enjoyed helping other people and not only helping people but just speaking with them when they come in as a friend."

Powell says Mark was always at the gym and his presence will definitely be missed.

As for Crystal Lund, she says she'll remember her husband as someone with a love for people that would give anyone the shirt off his back.

But for now she's taking it one day at a time.

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