Community reacts to teen homicide

The Tifton Police Department is searching for James Pritchett./ Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Austin Kilby has been living in Tifton for 15 years. He says he knows many kids that know James Pritchett.

Last weekend, Pritchett allegedly shot and killed a 15-year-old at Peterson Apartments in Tifton.

Kilby states,"It's kind of sad really .The fact that a young kid is going to have his freedom taken away because of something that was not worth it at all."

Kilby says his prayers also go out to the family that lost their loved one. He also says the violence has to stop.

"It bothers me because a lot of youth in Tifton are misguided, I just feel like maybe there's not an outlet for kids to reach out that maybe are having problems.

Kilby understands sometimes a kid can come from a family full of guidance and love and still commit crimes but many times it starts in the home, he states.

Tifton police say the homicide happened around 3 p.m. Just hours before, Pritchett posted this to his Facebook page.

The post says "homicides mamas crying it ain't nun to it"

This post sparked an out pour of comments on social media. One woman writes "Do parents not have the password to their children's find my phone app? Anyone who's willing to post their crime on social media isn't competent enough to throw away their phones?"

Another woman posts "what gives a person the right to decide when another person should die...everybody trying to play God."

As for Kilby,"Justice will be served, but we need to figure out why he did this. When we know why we can prevent this from happenig again."

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