Community reacts to City Manager Sharon Subadan's salary increase

    Originally set at $175,000, City Manager Sharon Subadan's salary will increase to $200,000 in 2019.

    The original salary also included $500 a month for a car allowance, $90 a month for a cell phone, 24 vacation days, 15 sick days, and the city pays 8.9 percent of her salary to any retirement fund.

    The new increase has some Albany residents upset.

    Eric Dukes said the process isn't working

    "It's a failing system here, but they wanna give somebody $25,000 more that don't need it, you know, I just don't understand it, it's sad," said Dukes.

    "Man, what you been doing to get a good increase like that? You got to be a movie star or something," said Willie Wallace.

    But city commissioners said the decision to raise her salary was justified.

    Roger Marietta, Commissioner for Ward 4, said she's been a major help with disaster assistance.

    "FEMA and recovering a full reimbursement for that, if you look at our reserve fund, she's quadrupled that in the three short years she's been there, and it's all because she's very disciplined," said Marietta.

    Compared to other cities:

    • Valdosta's city manager reportedly made $186,117 in 2015,
    • The city manager in Rome, Georgia is paid $129,280 a year
    • Savannah's city manager is paid $238,000 a year.

    Governor Nathan Deal's annual salary is set at $139,339.

    Even with all these taken into account, residents said they still have trouble understanding why $200,000 is necessary.

    Albany native Linda Kennebrew says this is hard to accept, especially before the holidays.

    "People really need to consider, you know, I mean, people don't give no care about nobody, ain't nobody's important but themselves," said Kennebrew.

    Commissioner Marietta says he hopes people will come to understand why they made the decision to increase Subadan's salary.

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