Community leaders take a dip in the pool for a good cause

Community leaders take a dip in the pool for a good cause. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

The TIFTAREA YMCA hosted its 5th annual Polar Bear Plunge Monday afternoon to raise money for local charities.

Twelve contestants competed to raise money for their charity of choice.

For the contestant that raised the most money, 100% of it will go to their charity.

The others will split what they have raised. Half will go to their charity and the other half will go to the TIFTAREA YMCA

All contestants have to take a plunge into the cold water to claim their earnings.

This year, Mayor of Tifton, Julie Smith raised the most money for Save Our Pets.

They set a few records with this year's Polar Bear Plunge. Darian Peavy, CEO of TIFTAREA YMCA, stated," "It's going to be 46 degrees in the water today. So it's going to be the coldest water temperature we've had. And we've raised the most money we've ever raised today, that's $13,000."

After the participants took a dip in the pool, they could warm up by drinking hot chocolate or by getting into another pool with much warmer water.

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