City prepares for ASU's homecoming parade

City prepares for Albany State University's homecoming parade. / Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Downtown Albany will have more than 20,000 people wearing blue and gold roaming the streets on Saturday for the annual Albany State University Homecoming Parade.

People in the community, alumni from out of town, students and faculty are expected to be at the significant event.

With such a big event, the City has to shut a few streets down including Monroe, Madison, Washington Jackson. Everyone is encouraged to make alternate plans.

There are nearly 100 entries for the parade, meaning tons of performances, floats and more to see.

“There’s something that stirs inside of us when we hear those bands, majorettes and dance teams walk by,” Lori Farkas, parade coordinator, said. “The costumes will be beautiful tomorrow. They’ve been working on floats. It’s just going to be a really good kick off for the Albany State football game at two.”

The roads will be closed at 6 a.m., and the parade starts at 9 a.m.

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