City leaders hold press conference to discuss crime Monday

On Monday, county and city commissioners joined forces to discuss the recent crimes in Albany.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

City leaders are concerned after two homicides occurred within an hour of each other in the Good Life City.

On Monday, city and county commissioners along with Albany Police Chief Michael Persley gathered together to discuss the growing crime in Albany and Dougherty County.

District two county commissioner Jon Hayes says these crimes are occurring much too frequently across the country and especially in Albany.

He says city leaders must get involved with the youth at a young age and parents must stay active in their children's lives.

"We've got to encourage these young people, we've got to help those that we can help and obviously those that we can't help, then the appropriate things are happening for them but we cannot lock every body up, we've got to begin to look at some other paths to direct these young people in," said Hayes.

During the press conference, Albany Police Chief Michael Persley plead that we must respect one another and the value of life to prevent these sorts of crimes in the future.

He adds, we must use our words and not violence to solve problems.

Commissioner Jon Howard recommended neighborhood watch programs and after school programs for children to get involved in.

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