Child sex crimes on the rise in Georgia

    Lee County investigators work on tracking down child predators. Photo: Shelby Williams

    The Lee County Sheriff's Office has been working against child sex crimes.

    In the month of January, law enforcement has seen a spike in arrests for sex crimes, and so has the state of Georgia as a whole.

    Child sex crimes can occur through the internet and social media.

    Daphne Lindsey, investigator for Lee County SVU, said there are a lot of ways it can happen, like children sending or receiving images.

    Lindsey also said that social media has caused these crimes to run out of control.

    "The best thing [parents] can do is not allow social media, not allow it period," said Lindsey. "It's easier to never give it than it is to take it away."

    Lindsey also said social media should be removed because nothing is preventing them from coming into contact with strangers.

    A sex crime against a child can carry a sentence of five to 20 years.

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