Chick-fil-A in Tifton undergoing renovations

These Chick-fil-A customers came to the restaurant Friday to grab one last meal before June.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Say it isn't so, a popular food chain in Tifton is closing their doors for renovations.

Hungry customers from all over Tifton came flocking to the popular food chain Friday to get their one last fix of Chick-fil-A.

The restaurant closed their doors Friday for renovations that will last up until the end of June.

Tifton resident Hayden McKellar isn't too happy to say a temporary goodbye to her favorite food chain.

"Well at first I didn't believe it because how could we survive without Chick-Fil-A for five months? And then when I found out it was true, I've eaten here yesterday and today, trying to get my fix," said McKellar.

The restaurant stayed open Friday until they ran out of food.

This didn't stop customers who traveled far to get that one last chicken sandwich.

"You know from all the way around the country, we have people stopping here all the time that this is their first time eating at Chick-fil-A," said Store Owner David Pettis.

McKellar is one of the Chick-fil-A customers who comes to the restaurant atleast once a week.

She says she wishes there was another spot in Tifton where she could satisfy her Chick-fil-A craving.

"I'm not going to drive, you know out of town to get Chick-Fil-A so if there was one on the other side of town it would be very helpful, we wouldn't have to go without it, there would just be another one over there," said McKellar.

But for now, Tifton residents are going to have to try out some new eatery options around town.

Tifton Chick-fil-A Owner and Operator David Pettis says the renovations will be a good thing and should double the business the popular restaurant gets.

According to Pettis, all 40 employees will be given their job back when the food chain reopens.

Pettis says 15 people on the Leadership Team will be paid even while the restaurant is closed.

During the next five months, they will go over team building strategies and take part in community service projects around town.

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