Chehaw celebrates Native American Cultural Festival this weekend

The Native American Cultural Festival will be going on all weekend.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

If your still looking for last minute plans this weekend, Chehaw State Park is hosting their annual Native American Cultural Festival.

The popular event hones in on some of the history that was present right here in Dougherty County centuries ago.

According to Chehaw Natural Resource Manager Ben Kirkland, the state park actually gets its name from the Chehaw people who were a group of Lower Creek Indians.

At one time, they had three villages right here in the Good Life City.

Kirkland says the annual festival honors these Creek Indians along with the rich Native American heritage all over the country.

"We have a very rich native culture and history here and it's a shame to ignore what the history was. You can't appreciate something if your not knowledgeable about it so to become knowledgeable of it, you have a greater appreciation and respect for it," said Kirkland.

Many different cultures will be represented at the festival including the Cherokee people, the Creek Indian tribes and the Inca people of Peru.

All weekend long, there will be live demonstrations, music, vendors and Aztec dancers.

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