Changes coming to Tift Theatre for the Perfoming Arts

Changes coming to Tift Theatre for the Perfoming Arts. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

The Tift Theatre for the Performing Arts received a grant from the Fox Theatre Institute in Atlanta.

The grant was for $77,027. With the grant, the theatre will refurbish and reupholster all the seating along with fixing broken seats.

The city will pay for the rest of the project.

They are excited for the new changes.

Kaylee Stokes, the interim business manager of the theatre, said," "We would like for the public and our patrons to be safe and we have a lot of broken seats which means that eight or nine people who cant come see a show because we don't have the seats for them."

She also said the last time the seats had been renovated was 40 years ago.

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