Chain Gang working hard to clear storm debris

The Chain Gang works every evening to remove trees like this one.Photo courtesy of the Chain Gang

The Chain Gang in Albany has been working hard to clear storm debris left by Hurricane Irma.

Last Monday, immediately after the storm hit, the gang went out three different times to clear trees off of the roadways and move debris.

Since Irma hit, Chain Gang members typically spend a couple of hours everyday clearing homes.

Volunteer Tom Gieryic dedicates his entire weekend to cleanup efforts.

According to Gieryic, Hurricane Irma added about 90 addresses to the list of homes the Chain Gang is scheduled to clear.

"We don't have as many calls but us riding around, we see a lot of damage. It's just spread out over the whole region instead of just being real bad in one spot."

The Chain Gang relies solely on community donations to continue clearing debris.

The gang is in need of fuel cards, gatorade, equipment, chains and most importantly, volunteers so they can continue helping the community.

You can contact the gang directly at 220-881-7205.

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