Candlelight vigil in Tifton for domestic violence awareness

    For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Ruth’s Cottage and The Patticake House honored the lives loss due to domestic violence with a candlelight vigil.

    The stories of families with victims were heard in hopes of touching hearts to stop the violence. It wasn’t easy for these families, but the stories they shared had an impact on those who attended.

    “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her,” Joy Weaver, daughter of a victim, said.

    Weaver never thought the person who gave her life would have hers taken away 39 years ago.

    “She was shot and killed by her boyfriend who had beaten her for three years, the whole time they dated,” Weaver said. “We needed our mama so bad then, we still need her. I can’t even pick up the phone to call my mama.”

    A tragedy like this is what brought the community together for this event.

    “We want them to recognize how important it is to recognize domestic violence, to understand it, to be aware that it is happening and not to hide from it,” Nancy Bryan, Ruth’s Cottage and The Patticake Executive Director, said.

    More than 100 people in Georgia died in the past year because of it.

    “For those [in Southwest Georgia], that was about 14 folks,” Bryan said. “For the Tift area, it was four, who lost their lives due to domestic violence in their home.”

    Anyone in an abusive relationship should get out. There are shelters and refugees available. Anyone in immediate danger should call 911.

    If you are scared to leave, talk to someone that you trust because it’s a big step in your personal safety.

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