Camp Osborn still in devastation more than six months after storm

Camp Osborn still works to rebuild.jpg/ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Camp Osborn is still in devastation from January’s storms more than six months later.

The camp has seen progress, but there is still debris all around the 900-acre property.

Crews plan to have all debris put in piles for pick up by next month.

More than 50 buildings were completely destroyed, and they are now trying to figure out what buildings they need to rebuild.

The camp was so damaged from the storms that it couldn’t have boy scouts there this year.

“We have sent all the units off to other camps in the Georgia area and our other camp, Camp Patton down in Lakeland, Georgia to do other counsel activities, and to go off to different summer camp functions,” Eric Ginter, camp ranger, said.

According to Ginter, the camp should be back up and running for next summer.

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