Business owners preventing robberies

Owners of Material Girlz Boutique and Salon think about the threat of a robbery happening at their store.

But they make sure they do all they can to prevent one from happening to them.

Angela Brown, store owner says, “We’re very vigilant.”

They also don’t like to keep a routine.

She says, “We never leave with money bags or things of such that would cause people to want to rob you or entice them to rob.”

And if ever in that situation they would urge their customers to,"Be compliant because a dead hero is still dead. We can replace everything in this store except life."

Being a victim of a robbery can be scary. If you ever find your self in this situation there are ways to making it out alive.

Phyllis Banks,the Albany Police Department Public Information Officer, says, "The most important thing we would encourage people to do is to remain calm.”

In the midst of a robbery, try to keep a close eye on the suspects," Try to get a description, a clothing description, height, weight if possible a possible age any sort of characteristics that may stick out, says Banks.

APD warns to follow the demands of the robber.

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